Business communication

The Programs of business Russian language were developed specifically for the managers and employees of international companies working in the Russian market, and to the staff of foreign enterprises on the territory of Russia, as well as for individuals planning to start their own business in Russia and want to learn practical Russian language for more effective communication with their Russian partners and contractors.

Basic level

Duration of the program: depends on your desire and readiness to pass the language proficiency test at level A1.

After completing the course you will be able to make simple commercial letters, prepare advertisements, promotional messages, maintain a simple business conversation.


Duration of the program: 220 weeks, 180 hours. In terms of proficiency at level A2.

You will learn to write detailed business letters, business documents, master different genres of business speech and writing, also write applications, write resumes, and develop a business plan in Russian. You will also know the rules accepted in Russia for social etiquette and business meetings; you will also learn the information about geography and politics of Russia and its cultural values.


Duration of the program: 12 weeks, 240 hours. In terms of proficiency at level B1.

Result of training: you master all types of both spoken and written communication for business. You can write an analytical or informative article as well as a program, business plan and draft a legal document and participate in a meeting on any subject. Mastering the Russian language at this level volume allows to carry out professional activities as top-manager, senior management, company owner, or representative office.


Duration of the program: 6 weeks, 120 hours.

Result of training: you master the Russian language at the level of a highly qualified translator in the field of professional communication, close to the level of a native speaker.

The classes of business Russian language are held once completed the groups.

Individual classes of the program take place at any time.