The Training and Testing Language Center for Foreigners of the MSU conducts certification exams in the framework of the Russian State Testing System of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL) at all levels of the Russian language skills and the Russian language of business communication.
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In order to signing for the certification exam and receive the certificate, you must:
1. Choose your level of TORFL
2. Sign up for a test
3. Make the payment
4. Be tested
5. Receive the certificate.

Testing is conducted at any time convenient for you.

Training test

If you are not completely sure of its capabilities, before signing the certification exam, you can test your knowledge in the training tests.

Contact information

117218, Russia, Moscow, ul. Krzhizhanovskago, h. 24/35, bldg. 1.

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Russian as a foreign language in the Lomonosov MSU