Advanced level

The successful passing of the test at this level confirms a high level of communicative competence in all spheres of communication.

Reaching this level, the person may conduct a professional activity in Russian language in the rank of specialist in the area of technical engineering, humanitarian and natural Sciences.

In the higher education system the certification test with the further reception of certificate is carried out as Final State Attestation Exam, giving the right to receive:

— Diploma of Bachelor's degree in humanities, natural sciences (except philology), medical-biological areas, technical engineering and those with economic profile, graduates of Russian institutions of higher education.

— Diploma of Masters' degree in humanities, natural sciences (except translators-interpreters, experts-philologists, journalists, editors, managers, diplomats, who conduct their activities in a Russian-speaking staff, for all these specialists there will be an intermediate test), medical-biological, technical engineering, and economic profile people admitted to the Masters program with a bachelor's Degree diploma from a center of higher education from abroad.

It’s required 380 hours of study to achieve approximately the Second level of general knowledge of Russian language. 340 hours of study require foreign students to achieve the Second level of Russian language skills tailored to their professional orientation. This means that it is not less than 720 hours of study, under the condition of having a language proficiency at the First level which is required to obtain the Second level of language proficiency.

Cost of testing:

5740 rubles or


In order to pass the test, it is necessary to register (sign up) and pay the receipt at any bank.

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