Proficiency level

Mastering the Russian language at Third level volume gives the right to carry out professional activities in this language as a linguist, translator, editor, journalist, diplomat, manager, working in a Russian-speaking staff.

According to the rules of the higher education system in Russia, the certification test of Third level for receiving the certificate is carried out as Final State Attestation Exam. After successfully passing the exam, the student has the right to receive the diploma of Bachelor's degree, Specialist or Master of the fields mentioned above (except specialists and masters in Russian Philology, for whom this examination is intermediate)

It’s required 280 hours of study to achieve the Third level of general knowledge of Russian language, under the condition of having a language proficiency at the previous level, with:

120 hours of study will be centered in the general knowledge of the Russian language.

160 hours of study will be for the use of Russian language in the sphere of professional activity.

Cost of testing:

6150 rubles or


In order to pass the test, it is necessary to register (sign up) and pay the receipt at any bank.

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